Finding the Right Mix – Chef Andrew Rudd Reinvents Medley

From TheTaste.ie

Medley noun. an often jumbled assortment. You could scarcely choose a better word to describe the life and career of Andrew Rudd; chef, cookbook author, entertainer, TV and radio personality and soon to be restaurateur, all via a pig farm, the corporate boardroom and an abattoir. I met Andrew to talk about how he has distilled his many roles into Medley, his dining and party catering business and forthcoming cafe and bistro, now located in the old Irish Times Building on Fleet Street.

I sit down with Andrew upstairs in the mezzanine of the new home of Medley. Despite bare walls, a lack of furniture and a clutter of pots, pans and tableware piled on the floor Andrew’s vision for a ‘New York Meatpacking District’ style venue seems entirely achievable. While we chat his phone constantly buzzes and beeps, he has a meeting with brewers Estrella Damm in an hour and is busy planning his cooking demonstration at the launch of the Dine in Dublin Pavilion the next day. All the time his ‘director of operations’ Chris Meyler is interviewing baristas downstairs, where Medley will open to the public from the beginning of April.

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