This is it

Big on flavour, buzzing with style, brimming with originality, this is Medley private dining and venue hire
This is the super-stylish, ultra-cool private dining and also über-chic party venue Dublin has been waiting for.

We’re in the Irish Times building on Fleet Street East, Dublin 2 and we’ll take care of every aspect of your event in style.

This is Medley. Come in and take a look around.

Medley, the venue

Medley Fleet Street East is a stunning private hire and event space. This is where the theatre happens – TV show cooking demonstrations one day, a wedding the next, a product launch following that and a private dinner in the evening. It’s open and airy, thanks to the balcony facing the glass wall on Fleet Street East, but with that natural wood, leather, bronze you’ve seen downstairs offset with antiques and great lighting design.

The themes of international cuisine resonate in Medley with special menus created specifically for your event. There’s a dish preparation area where you can see Andrew and his team performing their magic, a great cocktail bar stocked with famous labels and exclusive vintages and, wait, is that a dance floor?

Yes it is.

If you’re planning an event and you really, really want to really wow your guests, hold it in Medley Fleet Street East. There’s nowhere like it in Dublin City.

Private dining enquiries: 01 555 7116 / chris@medley.ie


Medley Events

Medley Events

Andrew Rudd, and the magic that is Medley, is brilliantly versatile. We can bring it all to you, wherever you are, with Medley Events our dynamic five star catering service. We serve Medley’s incredible food at weddings, parties, launches, PR events, shows and dinner parties all over the country, at private homes, offices, venues, yachts, castles, marquees and, well, wherever you need our culinary magic.

Andrew and the team will work with you to create a unique menu for your event in whatever style you want – buffet, silver service, BBQ, theatre, ethnic – all with Medley’s signature emphasis on big flavour. We’ll plan it, bring it, prepare it and take it all away again so that the only sign we were there are a lot of happy guests with great memories.

If you have an event coming up, and you want it to be very, very special, add the gourmet arts of Medley Outside and let the magic happen.

Medley Events enquiries: 01 555 7116 / chris@medley.ie


Fleet Street East, Dublin 2
Phone 01 555 7116
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